How Website Architecture and Navigation Affect SEO

Site architecture is the way every page of your website is linked to every other page. It’s the way people and search engines navigate your website, and it’s equally important to both of them. You want both people and search engines to be able to easily find what they’re looking for.

Believe it or not, a poor site architecture can completely kill off rankings, traffic and even conversions. The reasons for this are many. First, if there’s no way for a search engine to access much of the content of a site because the only way to reach the “meat” is through search forms that need to be submitted, search engines won’t find or index most of it.


A Microsite for NYC Black History Month Campaign has been launched!

NYC Black History Month Campaign features a 5-borough tour across 9 sites: MoCADA, Weeksville Heritage Center, Woodlawn Conservancy, African Burial Ground National Monument, National Jazz Museum in Harlem, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Langston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center, Louis Armstrong House Museum, Sandy Ground Historical Museum. Each of these sites is an important part of NYC’s cultural fabric. is live!

We have launched

Chora Creative is a DC-based consulting firm that provides creative vision, clarity of purpose, and strategic management oversight for educational projects while raising the funds for their successful implementation.

Visit the live site at

Crunched for tech-savy couples

There’s a growing market for mobile apps designed to help couples stay closer. The phenomenon first came to my attention with the launch of Pair at Y Combinator’s most recent demo day. But since then, I’ve seen a whole bunch of new apps popping up, all seeking to offer up a tight little social network for two. The latest such app to launch is Avocado, which was created by a couple of former Googlers looking for a way to get closer and better organize their life together. It allows couples to create to-do lists and cross items off, upload pictures to share with one another, and send private messages to each other. It also lets users create and send “quick notes” to one another, over and over again, as well as “quick faces,” which swap out common emoticons for unique facial expressions of each partner.