Landing Page + Digital Marketing Package

We are announcing the launch of a completely redesigned website for our new partner, NYC PR Group. In celebration, we offer an awesome limited time deal: Landing Page + Digital Marketing Package customized for your organization.

Landing Page + Digital Marketing Package

New Website.

First of all, we are excited to announce the launch of our new project: We have been working hard, and we are very happy to present the final product.

The old hosted build-it-yourself website no longer served its purpose. The limitations of a website building platform could no longer be worked around. That’s when we have stepped in.

The new website features a clean, visually appealing new look and feel, and a straight-forward navigation. The most noteworthy features are social media sharing, e-mail marketing automation system, and improved security in addition to auto-publishing options, content creation, and management tools.

New Partner.

We are also thrilled to announce our partnership with NYC PR Group. NYC PR Group provides customized digital marketing solutions for small and medium-size businesses. They create and execute digital marketing campaigns that work in synergy with consumer insight and innovative technologies.

Our combined team consists of Digital Marketing Specialists, Business Analysts, Account and Project Managers, a Web Technology Lead, a Creative and Marketing Director, Usability Engineers, Web Designers, Web Application Programmers, and Quality Assurance Testers. We assign a dedicated Account Manager to each project, and make sure he or she is available throughout the project life-cycle.

We acknowledge the fact that our clients needs are unique and specific to the industry, business size, and project goals. That’s why we focus on creating strategic solutions customized to your organization goals, and your industry.

While Social Media has common practices, platforms and tools that span multiple industries, our small and medium size business digital marketing solutions provide a customized implementation for different industries with different requirements.

We have developed tailored digital marketing strategies and social media integration solutions for Real Estate, Luxury & Consumer Goods, Information Technology, Travel, Health Care, and non-profit organizations.

In addition to that, we now offer standardized digital marketing packages based on a monthly subscription service. These service packages are ideal for small and medium size businesses, and require commitment ranging anywhere between one and six-months. Please click for plans and pricing.

This new partnership brings new opportunities to our clients. We are celebrating by presenting a limited time offer.

Get your tailored Digital Marketing Package and Landing Page for your product, campaign, or organization. A $3,000 value for $1,950.

Let’s take the conversation further. Contact us today and we will respond same day.

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